Mission Statement:

Responding to God’s call to bless Israel, we employ creative ways to provide hope and healing through humanitarian aid while building steadfast relationships.

Financial Support

Inviting financial support from individuals and corporations who share these same goals but who lack the time, ability or the network to travel to these often remote or risky project zones.


We operate as a non-governmental organization (NGO), in order to expedite the work by reducing bureaucracy  to rapidly and creatively deliver humanitarian aid.


We network with churches, synagogues, hospitals and other local aid groups to maximize local impact and humanitarian “return” on contributions invested by keeping overhead costs as low as possible.

Humanitarian Aid

We donate humanitarian aid that makes a specific and direct impact on the community, the Israeli Defense Force, and individual lives.

Community Outreach

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Israeli Defense Force Support

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Meet The Team

Jill Petrie is the founder of Almond Branch Initiative. With over 30 trips to Israel on her resume, Jill has spent years building relationships and delivering aid to the Israeli Defense Force, and to the community as a whole.


  • Being a part of a humanitarian aid trip to Israel is something I will never forget. Everyone at the IDF bases we visited were thrilled to receive the aid provided by Almond Branch Initiative. Seeing the faces of the lives changed was a truly gratifying experience, and helps to put in perspective how beneficial Almond Branch’s service is to the people of Israel.

    Austin Kennedy

Recent News

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