Our Mission

We Demonstrate God’s Love:

ABI’s ministry is based on the conviction that we were called to respond to the teachings of God’s Word, loving one another in word and deed. ABI provides an opportunity for people to put their faith and love into action, by coming alongside individuals and groups offering both tangible support in the form of humanitarian aid and building projects. We provide emotional support through the process of building relationships with those we help.

We Inspire long lasting relationships:

While meeting real, tangible needs through humanitarian aid, ABI seeks to develop supportive steadfast relationships where we’re able to offer ongoing encouragement and support.

We donate humanitarian aid that makes a specific and direct impact on communities and individual lives:

Our building projects and humanitarian aid campaigns are chosen to make an effective impact on the communities we visit and on the lives of those who have been affected by war, political strife and terror. We leave behind monuments of hope that God has not forgotten them.

We provide on-going education regarding Israel’s past, present and future:

Those who work with Almond Branch have made a commitment to learn more about Israel’s history, understanding the gap that has existed between Jew and Gentile and why that distance exists. We help bridge that gap and stand side by side in support of Israel. We also stay current on the present challenges facing Israel in the Middle East and her needs for a better hope and future. We promote the education of the facts about Israel, the individuals we are helping, and the hardships they face. Our educational efforts take place on many levels, with our donors and volunteers, but also on a community level through educational talks at churches, synagogues, and fundraising events.

We commit to advocate for Israel:

All those who work with Almond Branch have a passion for serving God, by responding to His call to be a blessing to Israel. Therefore in the face of growing international antipathy toward the Jewish people we stand with Israel in her God-given right to the land and speak out against anti-semetism and holocaust deniers.

We promote hope:

Almond Branch Initiative was founded out of heartfelt thanks for all God has done in our lives, which gave us an appreciation for God’s chosen people, and a desire to give thanks back to Him, by blessing Israel. We believe in a better tomorrow. Therefore, through our humanitarian aid and emotional support, ABI strives to promote hope and compassion in acting out God’s love for those hurting citizens of Israel.